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    Keeping the Workforce Moving

    Whether it’s office workers, tradies, fire fighters or personal carers, a growing number of Australians are suffering from health concerns which may impact their work performance and quality of life.

    This is putting a great deal of stress on the Australian workforce, impacting individuals, organisations and the wider Australian economy. In 2015,

    The Workplace Health Association of Australia (WHAA) released its findings which showed that “preventable health risks are widespread across all occupational sectors”.1

    Musculoskeletal conditions are one of the major causes of chronic pain and disability in Australia.2

    The prevalence of such conditions could, in part, be attributed to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Looking at health characteristics of nearly 30,000 Australia workers gathered from workplace health assessments over the past decade, it was noted that the majority of the workforce is not performing sufficient exercise to prevent health risks.3

    Irrespective of the industry or profession, research has shown a link between a person’s health and their productivity at work. There is strong evidence to show that good employee health and well-being boost organisation health.4

    Recognising the role chiropractors can play in keeping the workforce mobile and performing at its best, the theme for the CAA Annual Conference this year is ‘Keeping the Workforce Moving’.

    This prestigious conference is the largest educational event for chiropractors, and this year it is taking place in our nation’s capital, Canberra. Featuring world-renowned speakers, the CAA Annual Conference covers the latest research in chiropractic and its application. The program allows attendees to equip themselves with practical knowledge and skills, refresh their learning and feel ready to make a real difference.



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