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    Choose your Habits

    Ballarat is buzzing with the Christmas spirit - the Bridge Mall had their Christmas party last weekend, the decorations have been out along Sturt street for a few weeks now, reminding everyone that, yes, while there’s lots of things on your to-do list - Christmas and all that comes with it is coming fast!

    Naturally, with Christmas comes all of the food, the presents and the fun. It’s also around this time that we all start to reflect on the year that has just flown past.

    Did I get everything done that we hoped we would?

    Did I make the changes that I said I would?

    Well, did you stick to those new habits that you were going to make? (walking every day, going to the gym, less chocolate, more time with friends, save for the house, and on and on…)

    All of these little changes can lead to big results. Why? Because when you stack one action on top of another and start building momentum, you get to change your world.

    Consider for a moment, that where you are in life right now, in every facet of your life, is a result of your previous actions. Your current state of health is the result of all the choices that you’ve made up to this point. Your relationships are how they are because of your previous behaviours. Personal life. Finances. Spiritual life. Business. Job. They’re all the same - their current state reflects your previous choices, actions or behaviours.

    There is always a choice. And the hard part of that is that when you acknowledge that, it means that you are ultimately responsible for your life. Lots of people don’t like that, maybe it’s daunting… but some of us LOVE that, because it means that if you make choices that move you in the right direction, YOU are in control of your world.

    So, you’re currently living the results of your habits up until now.

    What would you like your dream life to be like?

    Close your eyes for a moment and really picture it. Put yourself right in the picture and feel what your dream life feels like, hear the noises that surround you, who is there with you? How do you feel?

    And then, here’s the hard part, which also happens to be the simple part - because simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy.

    What habits do you need?

    What sort of person do you need to be to have the health (or any other aspect of your life) that you’ve just dreamed of?

    It’s the small actions that you take, day by day that change your world.

    In the realm of health, there are actions that you can take to help your body be the perfect expression of health (just like it was meant to be).

    You can do things that energise you, and at the same time give you the calmness that you need. Things or actions that restore your body and let it heal and recover.

    We each live in bodies that are amazing in their design. And the best thing about it is that it naturally heals itself.

    With all of the bodies inbuilt feedback systems, and by feedback systems, I mean the brain and nerves that connect every single cell to the brain.

    It’s this spectacular system that your amazing body uses to keep itself as close to perfect health as possible. IF you give it all the right nutrients and there is no interference in those feedback systems.

    When I say nutrients, here is what I mean:

    • Food - the right nutritional balance. By the way, your body needs good fats, cholesterol and proteins.
    • Movement - that’s right! If you think of movement as a nutrient, it makes sense that you need to move your body. Too little and your body doesn’t work. PLUS your brain NEEDS you to move - but that’s a whole other story.
    • Rest - yep, if you’re not rested, your body can’t be restored properly, you don’t heal enough from all the things that you do to yourself and then, bit by bit you wear yourself down.
    • Positive thoughts - your brain is constantly re-wiring. If you’re constantly thinking the same thoughts (which we tend to), they become hardwired. This happens because repeating the same thoughts strengthens the connections between the brain cells involved, so it’s then easier to repeat those very same thoughts. So, that friend of yours that is always happy or always down - because they’re always like that, it makes it easier to always be like that.

    And speaking of the brain and pathways - you need a healthy spine to let all those signals flow the way that they’re supposed to. If you want to be all that you can be, you need your brain and body talking with 100% clarity. And did you know that Chiropractors are the only profession that focus on helping the brain and body talk perfectly without the use of drugs or surgery?

    So when you’re making your plans for the future, I hope that you’ll consider how your habits can make or break those dreams.

    I hope that you’ll choose your habits wisely.

    I hope that you choose to make chiropractic care one of your new habits, and have your spine working at it’s best.

    If you do, I hope that you’ll consider the team at PostureWorks to take care of you.

    And finally, I hope that you build the life of your dreams.

    To end, I’ll leave you with a quote from the developer of the Alexander Technique:

    “People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.” ~ F. M. Alexander

    Dr Jacob Brady-Walker

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