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    Cupping - A Modern Take on an Ancient Art

    Myotherapist Kellie Heath shares with us what CUPPING is ...

    Cupping is an ancient medicinal modality and originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Therapeutic cups were made from glass, bamboo or earthenware. Today they are either glass, silicone or plastic. The types of cups most used in Myotherapy are vacuum suction cups.

    How is cupping preformed?
    Cups are placed on the skin and a hand operated pump is used to remove the air from the cup, causing the skin and superficial muscle to be raised up with the cup and held. They are generally left on the skin between 5 and 10 minutes. During some sessions the cups are moved up and down the skin to target the length of a muscle or increase the length of a muscle or increase overall blood flow.

    What does cupping do to the body?
    It assists healing and getting rid of toxins and congestion within the affected tissue by activating the lymphatic system increasing the blood flow to the area where the suction cup has been applied. It may help calm hypersensitive nerves as it stretches the muscle and connective tissue, Fascia, away from the skeleton.

    Cupping is not painful. It does leave discoloration, like a deep bruise where the cup is placed but does fade in a few days to a week.

    How does cupping help during Myotherapy?
    Cupping can be used as an alternative to trigger point therapy or deep tissue massage as it is a gentler technique for releasing muscular trigger points and stretching muscle and fascia. 
    It can be used in conjunction with other hands on techniques to help relieve and improve movement and muscle tone.

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