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    Front Desk Management

    In my role as a CA at PostureWorks, I am fortunate enough to be able to connect, engage and build relationships with people which are all things I truly enjoy.

    Maintaining health and well being is also very important to me and regular Chiropractic care helps fulfil this aspect of my life. Taking my sweet furry 4 legged companion for walks also contributes in my endeavour to stay healthy.

    Outside of work hours and dog walking, I enjoy spending time with my husband, 4 children and pets (1 dog, 2 cats & 2 rabbits) as well as catching up with other family members and friends.

    I am always up for the thrill of a good thriller/horror movie or book too! Other things I love are live theatre/concerts, outings/holidaying with the family and listening to and attempting to sing along with Bon Jovi music (my children are not particularly fond of the latter!).

    PostureWorks A: 5 Ripon Street North, Ballarat, Victoria 3350         T: (03) 5333 4639

                       A: 501a Wiltshire Lane, Delacombe, Victoria 3350      T: (03) 5303 0458

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