What to Expect at your Regular Visits?

Your Care Plan is individually prepared for you so each person may follow slightly different steps however in general: 

Step 1: Check in at Front Desk on arrival 

Step 2: Go through to the reception seating area, sit & warm up the tissues by doing your preparatory “Wobbling” 

Step 3: From there you will go to an adjusting table, put your keys & phone etc in the tub provided and immediately lie down to ‘get out of gravity’… Research undertaken by nurses discovered (unexpectedly) that when you lie face down with your face resting in the headpiece, you will begin to relax, your heart rate may slow, and the blood pressure ease. Your brain waves may change from “go, go, go” to more restful & sleep-like

These two benefits allow for a more gentle adjustment.

Step 4: From the adjusting table you will go to the Rehab area for your exercises or vibration if included as part of your care plan, and/or then return your Travel Card to Front Desk